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CARE - An Acronym for Great Customer Service

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Transportation staff engage in customer service at every level making it an essential part of the transportation industry. Salesforce.com estimates that 70% of buying experiences are influenced by how the customer feels they are being treated. This applies to public transit in many ways. The first interaction a person has when boarding the bus is with a driver. When a passenger calls for route information, they speak with customer service personnel. When passengers discuss riding the bus with their friends or colleagues, they talk about their experience.  

Because customer service happens at every interaction with a customer, all staff should be trained and well-versed in customer service skills.

Keep the C.A.R.E. acronym in mind for great customer service:

  • Communication (clearly communicate the process and set expectations)

  • Accountability (take responsibility for fixing the problem or getting an answer)

  • Responsiveness (don’t make the customer wait for your communication or a solution)

  • Empathy (acknowledge the impact that the situation has on the customer)

  • Solution (at the end of the day, make sure to solve the issue or answer the question)

Author Bruce Tempkin notes, “The bottom line: Your customers should think that your company CARES.”

Teaching these skills doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming. Here are 5 free games that show the importance of customer service. All can be done at a monthly staff meeting, a staff retreat or other traditional gathering at your organization and each take less than 20 minutes.

Looking for more on customer service? Email your request to TAM@TAMInc.org.

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