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5 Tips for Hiring Skilled Drivers

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5. Hire for Attitude

Thomas Michael, CEO of Michael Management Corporation, says hiring for attitude is essential. “Hire someone that is excited about the position - not simply for money or the title.” Michael also states that an eager candidate who asks questions and seems passionate would make a good candidate.

4. Look for Social Intelligence

Skills can be acquired but personalities cannot. “Social intelligence - being able to navigate social situations and work well with others is very important” psychologist Maynard Brusman says. Take note of communication, interpersonal and other relationship skills when interviewing.

3. Ask for Referrals

Your staff and professional contacts aren’t likely to recommend potential candidates that would make bad employees. Use your resources to get leads!

2. Involve the Administrative Staff

47% of administrative professionals responded in a survey that they would like to be a part of the hiring process yet rarely are these staff asked to participate. Admins can offer support in a variety of areas from where to post the job advertisement to providing input for the job description. Also consider inviting them to sit in on interviews. Most Admin staff interact with both the passengers and fellow staff and are well versed about the organization!

1. Retention, Retention, Retention

Provide small perks to your staff to show your appreciation. Conduct “stay” interviews with your most tenured staff to find out why they’ve been with your organization so long. Foster professional development with frequent trainings. Use contests and incentives to keep motivation high.

Have more ideas about how to recruit the best talent? Send them to TAM@TAMInc.org.


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