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All About Travel Training

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What is Travel Training?

The Association of Travel Instruction, a national professional association that develops the Travel Trainer Instructor position, discusses the purpose of travel training as the provision of instructional services and supports to persons with disabilities, seniors, and other individuals who need assistance to use transportation independently. They note that the initial definition of travel training reflects the programs developed in the 1960s and 1970s.

Easter Seal’s Project Action indicates the major activities of travel training to include: assessment, trip planning, familiarity of the environment,  travel instruction, plan development,  strategies of instruction, including- crossing streets, using public conveyor systems, boarding, riding, and exiting vehicles, as well as handling emergencies.

There are many travel training programs in the state of Maryland as well as information that can be replicated to make a program that fits your needs.

Travel Training Programs in Maryland:

Central Maryland Regional Transit (CMRT):

Independent Marylanders Achieving Growth through Empowerment (IMAGE of MD):

Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority for Metro Orientation Sessions

  • Phone: 202-962-1558

Eastern Shore Center for Independent Living, Inc. Cambridge, MD

  • Phone: 410-221-7701

The Freedom Center, Inc., Frederick, MD

  • Phone: 301-846-7811

Independence Now, Inc., Riverdale, MD

  • Phone 301-277-2839

Resources for Independence, Inc., Cumberland, MD

  • Phone: 301-784-1774

Southern Maryland Center for Independent Living, Charlotte Hall, MD

  • Phone: 301-884-4498

Getting Certified:

Easter Seals Project Action Consulting provides training and technical assistance for organizations providing travel training in Maryland. Their instruction includes:

  • Customized In-person Training (full or multi-day)

  • Webinars (general or organization specific with options for recorded access)

  • Instructor Lead Online Courses (self-paced and 24 hour access with scheduled, real-time instructor interaction and feedback)

  • Technical Assistance (in-person, conference calls, video conferencing, and webinars)

  • Facilitated Online Dialogues (short-term public input on specific topics)

  • Combination Packages (bundles training events with in-depth follow-up technical assistance)

Resources for Easter Seal’s Travel Training Certification (click the bulleted items for more information):

Contact: espaconsulting@easterseals.com  | (844) 227-3772

Learn more: http://www.projectaction.com/travel-trainer-certification/

Where to Find More Info:

Check out the State of Maryland’s Work Matters Travel Training document. Do know of other organizations that provide travel training or other resources that would be beneficial to Maryland transportation providers? Send your information to tam@taminc.org

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