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Free Online Transportation Toolkits

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US DOT’s Leadership Academy Toolkit: 

The Leadership Academy Toolkit will help the general public and emerging community leaders who have limited experience with transportation decision-making be better engaged in the decision-making process. It uses clear design and plain language to explain the transportation decision-making process and describe how members of the public can work with their local and state transportation agencies in a proactive, constructive way.

The materials released include:

  • The Transportation Toolkit explains the basics using clear design and plain language. 

  • The Quick Guide gives an overview of the Transportation Toolkit contents in a short, colorful booklet.

  • The video highlights the experience of attending a Leadership Academy.

  • The Online Resource Library provides in-depth resources on topics like the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and accessibility.

  • The Facilitator’s Guide helps emerging community leaders plan and lead their own Leadership Academies by outlining a set of learning activities and discussions that help participants engage with the content of the Toolkit.

National RTAP Marketing Toolkit:

This toolkit is designed as a comprehensive and practical guide for rural and tribal public transportation agencies to develop and implement successful marketing programs for their systems. Transit agencies in smaller communities rely on a relatively small staff to keep the wheels turning. Of necessity, transit managers are involved in virtually all aspects of their organization, supervising day-to-day operations, vehicle maintenance, customer service, financial reporting and more. Some even drive the buses.

The goal of this toolkit is to help transit managers when they need to step into the marketing role by supplying them with the information and tools they need in a straightforward way.

The materials released include:

  • How-To-Guide

  • Templates for Marketing Materials

  • Photos & Graphics Library

CTAA’s Transportation to Work Toolkit:

The Transportation-to-Work Toolkit for the Business Community gives businesses the information they need now to assist their employees in realizing a timely, cost-efficient commute that promotes productivity at your business site and employee satisfaction.

Let these two-page fact sheets and examples of activities undertaken by employers nationwide guide you. Joblinks and your local transportation provider and transportation management association can also help you implement solutions that will impact your business' bottom line. Each approach is straightforward to launch and simple to manage.

APTA’s Transportation & Health Toolkit:

As leaders of the public health community, you know what an enormous impact transportation decision making can have on a range of critical issues: public safety, air pollution, physical activity and obesity, built environment, equity and accessibility – to name just a few.  This toolkit is an attempt to build a bridge between the public health and transportation communities, to create a common language for use by public health advocates that ensures our voices are heard by those who need to hear them.

Know of a transportation toolkit not listed here? Email us at TAM@TAMInc.org.

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