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Applying for Grants: Tips and Tricks

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Applying for grant funding can be overwhelming. Use these tips to make your next application a success:

Passport Inc. provides some tips for choosing the right grant. Before you apply for a grant, it’s important to do your research. Be sure that the grant you’re applying for actually fits your needs and goals. Before you start the application process, ask yourself the following questions to be certain the grant fits all of your criteria:

  • Does the proposal tie into the overall plan?
  • How will technology be used?
  • How committed are you?
  • Who will benefit from this initiative?
  • Is the budget clearly defined?
  • Does the proposal tap into resources readily available by the community?
  • Does this proposal have the ability to be replicated by a larger community? Will it impact other communities?
  • How will the desired outcomes be developed?

Once you have determined a grant is the right fit for your organization, keep these writing tips in mind from National RTAP:

  • Revise, edit, and clarify. Put it aside – let it cool, then go back and reread. Does it make sense? Are there gaps? Get a second reader, especially someone who is not familiar with the project.
  • Simplify, but don’t generalize. Stick to main points. Present ideas concisely.
  • Don’t get bogged down. Move to other parts of outline if stuck. Circle back to become clearer. Alleviate feeling overwhelmed.
  • Don’t exaggerate. Describe manageable problems. Propose doable solutions.
  • Avoid repeating exact phrases from grant guidelines, but be sure to follow the instructions and keep the funder’s mission in mind.

Other tips from RTAP include: Don’t miss deadlines – check close-out dates and mark them on your calendar. Stay in contact – stay abreast of announcement dates and know the key grant contacts. Build support – ask supporters to send letters of support for your proposal. Follow-up on your proposal and ask for feedback if your grant was not funded.

RTAP also suggests following-up after your grant is submitted. Be sure to stay in contact with the grants manager or designated application contact.

Want more about applying for grants or desire technical assistance? Email us! TAM@TAMInc.org

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