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DOT Releases Strategic Plan for FY2018-2022

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The Department of Transportation released their strategic plan for FY2018-2022. The plan coincides with each administration and, after presented to Congress, will be posted on the DOT website in February 2018. The plan can be read in full here: https://www.transportation.gov/administrations/office-policy/draft-dot-strategic-plan-fy-2018-2022

The plan lists four strategic goals with an overall focus on infrastructure, improving efficiencies, and innovation. The four strategic goals are:

  • SAFETY: Reduce Transportation-Related Fatalities and Serious Injuries Across the Transportation System. Safety has consistently been DOT’s top strategic and organizational goal. To improve transportation safety, DOT seeks to work effectively with State, local, and private partners; address human behaviors that increase safety risks; improve safety data analysis to guide decisions; ensure automation brings significant safety benefits; and pursue performance-based rather than prescriptive regulations.

  • INFRASTRUCTURE: Invest in Infrastructure to Ensure Mobility and Accessibility and to Stimulate Economic Growth, Productivity and Competitiveness for American Workers and Businesses. The DOT seeks to guide investments that stimulate economic growth, maintain and improve the conditions of infrastructure, and enable the more efficient movement of people and goods. To achieve this goal, DOT will provide guidance, technical assistance, and research that leverages Federal funding, accelerates project delivery, reduces project lifecycle costs, and optimizes the operation and performance of existing facilities. By using innovative forms of financing and project delivery, encouraging partnerships between the public and private sectors, and strategically balancing investments across various modes to promote greater efficiencies, DOT can maximize the returns to the Nation’s economy and people.

  • INNOVATION: Lead in the Development and Deployment of Innovative Practices and Technologies that Improve the Safety and Performance of the Nation’s Transportation System. Emerging technologies are transforming our transportation system. The DOT seeks to continue its leadership role guiding research investments and facilitating the deployment of beneficial transportation technologies. By engaging with the private sector, DOT can leverage Federal resources to support technology transfer (T2) and ensure the safety and security of new technologies.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Serve the Nation with Reduced Regulatory Burden and Greater Efficiency, Effectiveness and Accountability. The DOT will streamline regulations and improve organizational effectiveness of the Department. The DOT will raise accountability standards that improve the efficient use of taxpayer funds. By streamlining business processes and investing in workforce development, DOT will enhance its responsiveness and adaptability to the demands of a rapidly evolving industry.

The strategic plan intends to increase efficiencies to meet several executive orders, including the completion of Environmental Impact Reports for federal projects within a two year time frame (Executive Order 13807). The EIR have traditionally taken between 4-10 years to complete.

Read the full plan here.

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