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Trip Planning 101: Driving Satisfaction

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TransitCenter’s Who’s on Board survey in 2016 indicated that the top two priorities driving satisfaction for transit riders are: service frequency and travel time. Riders also value station and stop conditions, real-time information, and service reliability. Trip planning technology provides the umbrella of which each of these criteria is under. The ability to plan your trip at any time (work, vacation, errands) is a key component of successful transit systems.

Trip planning technology allows companies to take transit data (general transit specific feeds or GTFS) and incorporate it into an easy-to-use user interface for transit users. Many applications allow for an integrated transportation experience with driving, public transit, walking, biking, and transportation network company options.

Google offers a free Transit Partner Program which allows transit agencies to upload GTFS data. They note, "A GTFS feed is composed of a series of text files collected in a ZIP file. Each file models a particular aspect of transit information: stops, routes, trips, and other schedule data. The details of each file are defined in the GTFS reference.

An example feed can be found in the GTFS examples. A transit agency can produce a GTFS feed to share their public transit information with developers, who write tools that consume GTFS feeds to incorporate public transit information into their applications. GTFS can be used to power trip planners, time table publishers, and a variety of applications, too diverse to list here, that use public transit information in some way."

Google integrates transit stop, route, schedule, and fare information to make trip planning quick and easy  Google widgets are also available for transit agencies to post on their websites or other public domains. You can join the Program here: http://maps.google.com/help/maps/mapcontent/transit/.

Are you interested in learning more about how trip planning works? Let us know: tam@taminc.org

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