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Hiring the Best Transit Staff: Posting Jobs

posted on
Transit employees are an essential part of a successful system. Recruiting drivers, operations, administrative and other staff can serve as a challenge, especially with limited budget, time and support. Writing job descriptions, choosing desired qualifications, and interviewing are only part of the process to find the best staff. We often default to posting our open job opportunities to our respective agency’s website but there are many other outlets to expand and recruit a diverse pool of cand...
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Shared Mobility: Definitions, Free Tools

posted on
shared mobility is “the shared use of a vehicle, bicycle, or other mode – an innovative transportation strategy that enables users to gain short-term access to transportation modes on an “as-needed” basis. The term shared mobility includes various forms of carsharing, bikesharing, ridesharing (carpooling and vanpooling), and on-demand ride services. It can also include alternative transit services, such as paratransit, shuttles, and private transit services, called microtransit, which can su...
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Free Tools to Step Up Your Marketing!

posted on
Do you want to improve your agency's marketing and branding but don't have the resources? Download the infographic for five free tools that will help step up your marketing.
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