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Industry News
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Transit agencies can communicate these statistics to the public while taking a proactive approach to enhancing transit safety. Creating a Safety or Security Plan can improve security and prevent violence/crime, a theme at this year’s RTAP training during the 2016 Conference & Expo.
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Nationally, since 2005, states have seen a 46% increase in the amount of people commuting by bicycle. The state of Maryland saw a 70-100% increase in bike commuting in less than 10 years. TAM members across the state of MD promote cycling as an alternative method of transportation and as a first/last mile connection to transit. During May, events will take place throughout the month with a focus on National Bike to Work Day.
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Downloadable training cards serve as quick transportation refreshers for drivers. Categories covered range from ADA to Emergency Management and are easily accessible from the RTAP website. The printable cards have both information and quizzes, perfect for a break room or staff training...
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