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Legislative Page

Legislative Alerts & Calls to Action

HB 1537 - Establishing a Commission to Study Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) funding

The hearing is March 7, 1:00 in House Health and Government Operations

HB 1537 (see bill page here), which will establish a commission to study NEMT funding, has been introduced into the House Health and Government Operations Committee. The first hearing is scheduled for March 7 at 1 PM. We need the help of our members to contact the members of this committee before this hearing takes place and let them know that you support this necessary piece of legislation.

TAM has created a form letter you can use when writing to committee members (click here to download). We heavily encourage you to call, email and fax each legislator on the committee with your support of this measure, especially if you reside in or provide service in one of the commitee member's districts (click here for contact information for the Health and Government Operations Committee)

HB 1227 & HB1468

HB 1227 Tax-Credit Commuter Benefits-Alterations 

The hearing is March 22 at 1:00 in Ways and Means


HB1468 Transit-Job Access and Reverse Commute

The hearing is March 9, 1:00 in Environment and Transportation


From 1998-2014 the federal government helped subsidize job access transportation for low-income workforce nationwide, enabling them to seek employment in suburban areas underserved by existing mass transit.  Since that federal funding ended, both employers and job-seekers have been unable to connect, narrowing the job prospects for workforce not being paid enough to own a reliable commuter vehicle and narrowing access to needed workforce for employers whose worksites are not accessible at needed shift times.

The Transportation Association of Maryland supports legislation to help commuter worksite access for low income job-seekers (HB 1468).  We also support the bill that amends the current Commuter Tax Credit for Maryland employers who wisely choose to invest in employee commuting (HB 1227).

Our state’s economy is boosted when workforce has greater spending power because of broader access to good paying jobs.  Additionally, employers are benefitted by broader access to the workforce needed to grow their businesses, while mitigating the high cost of employee turnover due top lack of access to needed workforce

2018 Legislative Priorities

The Transportation Association of Maryland (TAM) has identified the priority issue that we will support during the 2018 session of the Maryland General Assembly.

Funding Shortfalls in Demand Response, especially Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

A combination of static funding from state and federal sources, increased costs, and greatly increased demand for paratransit services is creating an increasing strain upon the resources of TAM member organizations. These services, which are overwhelmingly needed by the most vulnerable Maryland residents - such as the disabled, elderly, and chronically ill - are in jeopardy due to this funding shortfall. In addition, the expansion and improvement of other services provided by Maryland community transportation organizations, such as regular fixed route service, are restrained by the need to devote more and more resources to services such as dialysis transportation. As an advocate for community transportation in Maryland, TAM will be pursuing all options to find solutions to this continuing crisis during the 2018 session.

See our full 2018 Legislative Agenda here

2017 Legislative Activities

2016 Legislative Activities

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