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Blue Ribbon Commission
The 2010 legislature of the Maryland General Assembly adopted, and Governor O’Malley signed into law, SB 229/HB 710, Chapters 525 and 526, 2010 Laws of Maryland, which established a Blue Ribbon Commission on Transportation Funding. This law required that the Commission review, evaluate, and make recommendations concerning: 

1. The current State funding sources and structure of the Maryland Transportation Trust Fund
2. Short– and long–term transit construction and maintenance funding needs
3. Short– and long–term highway construction and maintenance funding needs
4. Short– and long–term pedestrian and bicycle facility construction and maintenance funding needs
5. Options for public–private partnerships, including partnerships with local governments, to meet transportation funding needs
6. The structure of regional transportation authorities and the ability of these authorities to meet transportation needs in various regions of the State
7. The impact of economic development and smart growth on transportation funding
8. Options for sustainable, long–term revenue sources for transportation.


Members of the Blue Ribbon Commission

Final Report of the Blue Ribbon Commission