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Partners in Care

Partners in Care - 2019 TAM Outstanding Community Agency

Partners in Care is a 501 C 3 community non-profit helping older adults remain independent in their own homes and engaged in the community.  They operate using an innovative time/service exchange model with values of reciprocity, social capital, and equity infused into the culture of the program.  Partners in Care engages people to use their time and talents to help themselves and each other with the myriad of tasks of everyday living.  Most people want to stay in the homes and communities they know and love.  This organization makes this possible by providing transportation and handyman services, member care, advocacy, and social programs to support healthy, independent, active living. 

Partners in Care’s mobility buses enhance transportation options for the community, particularly to members who can no longer access volunteer drivers’ cars.  When not in service to agency members, their buses are available to all older adults in the community for on-demand transport services that assist with sustainability of the organization as well as the community. 

Partners in Care was established in 1993 and launched out of a small section of North Arundel Hospital, today they have three sites covering 4 counties in Maryland.  They have over 3,500 members, 13 full-time and 10 part-time paid employees who coordinate 33,900+ volunteer matches each year, their member-centered model of time-exchange enables this agency to greatly leverage any funding received. 

Partners in Care has received national recognition through the National Family Caregiving Alliance, the National Council on Aging, the prestigious national Beverly Foundation STAR award for transportation excellence as well as numerous other awards and recognitions. 

Thanks to strong leadership and solid policy performance this organization also achieved the national standard for excellence accreditation.  This recognition demonstrates transparency and compliance with the standards outlined in the official standards for Excellence:  An Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector. 

Partners in Care makes a positive impact in their member’s lives by helping them live independently in their home; it allows the members to save money for other life essentials through its service; it helps provide access to health care; provides training and mentoring, and helps members feel connected to the community.