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Charles Tasco

Charles Tasco - Transit Services of Frederick County - 2019 TAM Driver of the Year

Charles has a great positive attitude, and comes to work smiling and ready to work.  He’s a friend, someone to talk to, and someone to listen.  Passengers love him for his courtesy towards them.  He manages the routes well, lends advice and assistance to other drivers.  He has a great infectious attitude.  He is professional to all his passengers and always dresses sharp. 

Mr. Tasco has an excellent on-time performance of over 95% for over 67,421 total scheduled stops.  Every month he is one of the top performers, meeting the standards of on-time, late arrivals, and early departures from time points.  He is one of very few that was able to meet the 3 on-time performance standards 11 out of the 12 months of the fiscal year.  Charles has transported over 17,000 passengers.  This 7 year agency veteran has become very knowledgeable in all aspects of the job.  While on duty, he is professional and a dedicated team member, and is willing to assist both customers and management using his considerable knowledge.  He manages the route to ensure the customers receive the best on-time service to their destinations.  This driver’s commitment to providing excellent service to the public has helped to both retain current riders and attract new riders. 

He shares information with management to improve the routes and services and does so in a helpful and productive manner. 

His expert driving skills, diligence, and dedication ensures the safe delivery of transportation services to the public with minimum disruption. 

Meeting the needs of his passengers and providing a safe ride is at the top of this drivers list of priorities and that is what makes him our driver of the year.