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Nancy Norris

Nancy Norris - TransIT Services of Frederick County - 2019 TAM Oustanding Leadership Awardee

Nancy Norris is always keeping an eye on transportation developments and opportunities, and helping out peer agencies whenever possible.  This is evident by the efforts led to modernize Frederick Transit’s organization to include such projects as procurement of an AVL system with bus arrival ETA’s for passengers, procurement of security cameras for facility and buses; new paratransit scheduling and dispatching system, procurement of a mobile-ticketing app and securing funding to be the first in the state to run electric buses. 

Nancy is also committed to the personal and professional development of each and every employee.  She revolutionized driver scheduling to promote better work-life balance.  Nancy always takes time to explain reasons “why” for procedures or projects, which helps staff grow and learn.  She never grows complacent and help encourages a desire for learning in the transportation team.  She leads her transit agency without directly intervening into the overall operations, and allows the employees to demonstrate they are capable of fulfilling the agencies mission, even under difficult circumstances.  Nancy Norris is always willing to listen to new ideas and encourages the transportation team to find ways to improve procedures and programs.   Nancy always has the door open for any employee, no matter what the position, from the utility person to the Deputy Director.  She is ready to listen, and hears you out even if there is a difference of opinion, always inviting conversations and debate, never discounting anyone’s opinion. 

Nancy treats their team with respect and frequently voices appreciation for their hard work.  This leader has gone to bat with Frederick County Government many times to obtain longtime needed pay increases and/or upgrades for various job positions by successfully lobbying for substantial pay raises for most of the staff, and found a way to do that without additional grant funding. 

Nancy makes you feel as if you are working “with” them instead of “for” them. 

Nancy Norris’ leadership has significantly impacted everyone and everything within their transportation agency.