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Vendor Reception & Showcase

Vendor Reception & Showcase

For Attendees: The Trade Fair at the 2018 TAM Conference is the place to see the latest in transit vehicles, technology, equipment, and services. You will want to make sure you allow plenty of time to see everything. As always, there will be food, fun, and prizes in store for you at the Showcase.

For Exhibitors: Become an Exhibitor and Sponsor at TAM Conference!

The best trade fair in Maryland for companies trying to reach small and mid-sized transit systems. More than 100 attendees, many exhibitors, four hours of dedicated showcase hours, and a packed showcase room with meals and a reception.

Most of our exhibitors return year after year for the past 30 years! They return because year after year their investment pays off!

Vendor Workshops

TAM is offering a 45 -minute workshop in a title of your choice on Tuesday afternoon. You will have access to an exclusive audience during the regular hours of the conference prior to the Vendor Showcase. Session times will be noted in the Program Book and advertised to attendees.  You can reserve your spot (space is limited!) during registration.