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TAM's 31st Conference


Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this year's conference a success! We are so proud to announce that our conference was attended by 266 attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and presenters - our highest total ever! We could not have done this work without the assistance of our partners at the Maryland Transit Administration, our event planners AHI, the wonderful staff at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club, the support of our Board of Directors and conference planning committee, and the exhibitors and sponsors whose support is always critical for our conferences. 

Click Here to view our conference photo gallery. 

Diamond Sponsor

Gold Sponsor (Producer of ALL Conference Signage!)

Conference Wear Sponsor

Silver Sponsors

We will see you back at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club next year! Our 2020 conference is scheduled for September 15-17, and we are already working to make sure it is even better than this year.