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2018 General Meeting

A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended our General Meeting / MDOT-MTA Training on May 9 & 10. It was great to see Maryland transit assembled together in one place. We sincerely hope you found your time spent at Turf Valley informative and valuable, and that you will take back to your organizations new skills, information, and contacts to help community transportation thrive. 

Two trainings on Preventive Maintenance were held (presented by Kelly Shawn of RLS & Associates), a business meeting and elections were held, and MTA presented sessions on increasing DBE involvement and a review of the draft TAM plan. 

Congratulations to our re-elected Board Members! 

Gary Blazinsky, Board President   Rick Gordon, Director At Large 

   Will Kenlaw, Director At Large   Veronica Lowe, Director At Large

We hope to see all of you again at our 30th annual Conference October 23-25. You can view more photos of the event at our facebook page.