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2017 Annual Legislative Reception

To all the TAM members, Delegates, Senators, and Distinguished Guests who attended our 2017 Legislative Reception:

Thank you!

It was great to see such a huge turnout from our members and government representatives at the Calvert House. It is our sincere hope that you found the event a valuable and enjoyable experience. Your participation makes TAM strong, and a strong TAM is your voice in Annapolis. For helping to make this event stronger than ever, TAM would like to especially thank the efforts of Ron Skotz, our Government Affairs chairman and Chris Costello, our Legislative Consultant for their tireless efforts on our members' behalf in Annapolis over many years. Additionally, we gratefully acknowledge all of those who joined us in Annapolis on January 12 to personally invite legislators to our Reception and discuss our agenda, especially Kevin Engler and Mandy Arnold of Partners in Care, Tabitha Ernst of Anne Arundel County, Robert Andrews of Harford Transit LINK, and KJ Reynolds of Fleetpro.


Over the next several months, we'll be keeping you updated on the status of our legislative agenda as our bills move through the committee process. All of our efforts this Legislative season - the Reception, the Day in Annapolis, and everything else that comes before and after is dedicated to helping you get the resources you need to help move community transportation forward in Maryland