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Affinity Program

The TAM affinity program consists member discount opportunities provided by TAM vendor partners. By being a TAM member, you gain access to crucial discounts not available to the general public. We are always looking to add new partners and will be announcing members of the program as they join. If you are a vendor and are interested in becoming an affinity partner, please contact TAM via phone (410-553-4245) or via email (tam@taminc.org) and we will start the process of adding you as an affinity partner.

See below for a listing of all current TAM affinity partners. Click on each company logo below for more detailed information on how to take advantage of the discounts offered, including a point of contact for all business queries.

TAM members have access through LegalShield to powerful legal protection plans along with the most comprehensive identity theft protection on the market now for over 40 years.

TAM members have access through US Health Advisors to flexible, customizable, and affordable health care coverage. US Health Advisors give TAM members access to an aray of health care plans outside of open enrollment.


TAM members now have Keller Williams as the ultimate real estate resource! The largest world-wide franchise by agent count and among the most highly rated in the world is offering special discounts, services and waiving of fees for all TAM members.

Sierra Pacific Mortgage has TAM members covered with loan products that make homeownership possible. TAM members will be reimbursed for appraisal fees and receive FREE personalized consultation and education.


MedChi has partnered with AFLAC to offer better coverage for TAM organizations and individuals in need of health or insurance benefits. They also offer a free consultative review to discuss your insurance needs.