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Membership Types

Full Member:

Consists of public or private entities directly involved in coordinating, brokering, or providing public transit or para-transit services, or human service transportation within the State of Maryland. This class is entitled to vote.  The dues vary based on the entities operating budget:

  • Less than $1 Million: $650                    
  • $1 - $3 Million: $815                
  • More than $3 Million: $1,020


Associate Member:

Consists of public or private organizations, entities or individuals (i.e., suppliers, vendors, planning agencies, consultants, rideshare programs, intra- and inter-city bus companies, taxicab companies or other classes) who have a business or professional interest in public transit or para-transit activities. This in a non-voting class (but is represented by a voting Board member chosen by the Associate Membership).  The annual dues are $500.


Community Member:

Consists of state or local private nonprofit organizations involved in providing community services and not otherwise eligible for full membership.  This is a non- voting class. The annual dues are $200


Individual Member:

Consists of individual persons, not otherwise eligible for membership, who support the goals of the association.  This is a non-voting class.  The annual dues are $75.