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DRAFT MTA Section 5339 State Management Plan Available for Review

MTA's draft State Management Plan for the Section 5339 Program is available for download and review

Maryland Transit Administration/Maryland Department of Transportation: Section 5339 of the Federal Transit Act (USC 49) authorizes the US Secretary of Transportation to apportion funds under this section to designated recipients in large urbanized areas (UZAs) and states.  States and designated recipients are responsible for receiving and apportioning these funds to eligible projects, and applying for funds on behalf of all eligible subrecipients within the applicable urbanized area or rural areas.

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) apportions the Section 5339 funds to existing Section 5307 or new 5339 designated recipients for large urbanized areas and to the states for all areas under 200,000 (small urbanized and rural areas).   

In Maryland, the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) of the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) has been designated by the Governor to receive these funds and administer the program in the rural and small urbanized areas.  Because MTA is also the FTA designated recipient for both the Baltimore and Aberdeen‐‐Bel Air South‐‐Bel Air North large UZAs, MTA also administers the Section 5339 program for the large UZAs within Maryland.

Please send all comments on the plan to Program Manager James Raszewski at JRaszewski@mta.maryland.gov





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