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Industry News

MD: Acting MTA Chief: BaltimoreLink Bus System Launch Went 'Pretty Smoothly'

Article from Mass Transit Mag. See the full article here.

June 21--Until the Maryland Transit Administration began planning its $135 million BaltimoreLink bus route overhaul that launched this week, state transit officials had neither ridden bus routes to create accurate schedules nor updated the routes after the installation of the light rail or metro subway systems decades ago, acting administrator Kevin B. Quinn Jr. said Wednesday.

The result? "Completely unrealistic schedules" that would require bus drivers to be "NASCAR drivers" to get to all their stops on time, and antiquated routes that didn't align with current job centers, entertainment and other transit, he said.

The new system, which debuted Sunday, is built around 12 color-coded high-frequency CityLink routes running through downtown every 10 to 15 minutes and less frequent LocalLink and Express BusLink routes branching off of them. After 19 months of planning, it was put to the test by riders for the first time this week, and was met by a mixed reaction as they adjusted to the new changes.

Read the full article here.



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