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Industry News

Eno Center for Transportation Releases Course Catalog for Transit Professionals

Repost from: Eno Center for Transportation

Looking for professional education on public transit?

Eno is pleased to announce the availability of the National Transit Industry Course Catalog. This catalog is the result of an 18-month Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) study that was completed by ICF International and Eno.

The project looked at best practices in frontline transit education and collected dozens of courses offered throughout the United States. The project located courses offered by states, localities, nonprofits, federal agencies, organized labor, private companies, and others. The final catalog will help transit professionals find a class this is right for them or their coworkers.

Eno will be maintaining the catalog for the benefit of the transit industry. Even though the original project was focused on frontline workers, courses that are appropriate for other levels will be added to the catalog.



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