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Free Webinar on March 29th at 12:00pm (ET): Trends in Travel Behavior and Transit Ridership.

Mark your calendar for the next CUTR Transportation Webcast on March 29, 2018, 12:00PM (ET) (No registration required and it’s free! See Connection Information below)

Trends in Travel Behavior and Transit Ridership

This webinar will feature Dr. Steve Polzin sharing new information on travel trends with emphasis on transit ridership. Travel trends through calendar year 2017 will be presented and interpretation and observations on causal factors and future implications will be shared. Economic, demographic and technological trends are changing travel behavior in ways that require transportation stakeholders to adapt plans and strategies to respond to changing conditions.

The Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) was established in 1988 in the College of Engineering at the University of South Florida, located in Tampa, Florida. USF’s largest non-health research center, CUTR is an internationally recognized transportation research, education and education/training/outreach center, with a focus on producing products and people. 

Presenter: Steven Polzin, Ph.D., Director, Mobility Policy Research, Center for Urban Transportation Research

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The webinar will be recorded and available for viewing within a couple days of the webinar athttps://www.cutr.usf.edu/publicationsrecordings/webcast/archived-cutr-webcast-recordings/




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