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Industry News

Maintenance Training at the TAM Conference

TAM Maintenance Workshop - Presented by American Bus, Braun, and ACT/Pro-Air - 10:15 AM - 4:00 PM

Join representatives from American Bus, ENC, Braun and ACT/Pro-Air for the Maintenance Workshop. The workshop is a day dedicated to bus maintenance and bus technologies. Take advantage of the opportunity to interact with and learn from your maintenance peers and other associated transit professionals.  We will cover maintenance strategies for: 

  • Wheelchair lift/ramp troubleshooting and preventative maintenance overview
  • A/C in-service recommendations and troubleshooting
  • Principles of electrical systems, diagnostics and troubleshooting
    • This session involves hands on diagnostic information and training

The mass transit bus industry is undergoing rapid technological changes that focus on complex electrical systems. New buses have electrical systems that are often unfamiliar to technicians who are employed from other industries, such as automotive or heavy vehicle or equipment trades. The knowledge gap for bus maintenance technicians centers on the fundamental understanding of how to integrate electrical systems with ladder logic and electrical schematics to troubleshoot and repair electrical faults.

Course instruction led by:
Eric Christopherson
VP Operations
American Truck & Bus, Inc.
Kevin Shidler
Area Sales Manager
Braun Ability
John Lucas
Northeast Territory Sales Manager 
PROAIR – A.C.T. – Bus Air



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