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2017 Annual Roadeo

Congratulations 2017 Roadeo Winners!

(From left to right: Executive Director John Duklewski, First Place winner Matt Paugh of Garrett Transit Service, Second Place winner David Hall of Harford Transit Link, Third Place winner James Kisner of Garrett Transit Services, MTA Office of Local Transit Support Deputy Director Jeannie Fazio, TAM Board President Gary Blazinsky of Harford Transit LINK)

1st Place Winner: Matt Paugh, Garrett Transit Service

2nd Place Winner: David Hall, Harford Transit LINK

3rd Place Winner: James Kisner, Garrett Transit Service

We had our traditional 'TAM' weather for the event, but the drivers, volunteers, and judges pulled through with the utmost of professionalism and enthusiasm. Thank you to everyone who made this possible, especially:

  • the MTA, especially the MTA Setup Crew, who put in yeoman's work helping TAM setup and tear down the course. A special thanks to Greg Sanzone, Mike Adamski, David Neiswender, Curtis Faltz, Quilis Daniels, Grant Naylor, Matthew Owens, Lenny Mabry, Chris Davis, and Jarood Mayzck-Gathors.  You guys are the best!
  • The Maryland State Police, who provided invaluable assistance in closing off the parking lot in advance of the Roadeo
  • Our Roadeo Planning Committee, composed of Roadeo co-chairs Karen Bode and Jerome Stanley, Gary Blazinsky, Bruce Hojnacki, and Caia Coffee
  • Our Roadeo Sponsors, who provided invaluable financial and material support to enable us to put on this event

  • All of our Judges and Volunteers
  • All of our drivers, who left nothing on the course and gave it their all - proving once again, that Maryland drivers are the best!


Our top three drivers will be heading off to Detroit to compete in the National CTAA Roadeo on June 10-11, and we hope to welcome them back as champions!



See you next year at the 2018 Roadeo!