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About Us

2016 Strategic Plan | Annual Report

About Us:

The Transportation Association of Maryland (TAM) is a statewide organization that is dedicated to improving mobility for all of Maryland's citizens. TAM is a viable and effective advocate for its members and provides professional development, training, and forums for the pursuit of excellence in public transportation by public, private, and specialized transportation providers.  Community transportation services provided by TAM members link people to community resources and promote business, tourism and economic development.

During FY 2015 TAM members (excluding the Maryland Transit Administration) provided nearly FORTY MILLION (40,143,387) one-way passenger trips and operated over THIRTY-FIVE MILLION passenger miles to connect people to jobs, medical services, nutrition programs, education facilities and recreation centers.  

TAM represents every jurisdiction in the state of Maryland and has a very diverse membership of over 80 organizations. Members include public, private, and non-profit organizations that provide community transportation services enabling citizens to lead independent and productive lives, providing access to community services, improving air quality and reducing traffic congestion. Members also include other businesses who provide services, such as vehicle and equipment suppliers, transportation consultants, insurance companies, cellular phone companies, and many others.

History of TAM:

TAM reached a milestone in 2005 as it celebrated its 20th anniversary as an Association. The Association has come a long way since its beginnings in October 1985, when the first Board President, Jim Raszewski, along with seventeen founding members formed the Association to promote safe, efficient and effective public transportation services in Maryland. The Association incorporated in August 1991.For many years, the Association functioned with a volunteer Board of Directors and a part-time Executive Director working from home. Board meetings were held in the Severna Park Public Library. At the May 2001 General Membership meeting in Annapolis, membership voted to expand the Association by recruiting to hire a fulltime Executive Director and acquiring centrally-located office space. In 2003, TAM hired its first fulltime staff, an Executive Director and administrative assistant and opened an office in Ellicott City.

For more information on membership services please contact TAM at 410-553-4245, 410-553-4321(fax) or email