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March is Wheelchair Securement and Safety Month

The Transportation Association of Maryland designates March as Wheelchair Safety and Securement Awareness Month. According to the United States Census, the percentage of individuals with disabilities that use public transportation is 6% and 3.3 million individuals over the age of 15 use mobility devices such as wheelchairs.


By bringing awareness to this issue, TAM hopes that all those who participate in the transportation of individuals with disabilities will take a moment during the month of March and review their processes and procedures for conducting these types of activities.


Wheelchair Securement Training

In March of 2018, TAM will be hosting two wheelchair securement training sessions at the TAM offices in Linthicum. These sessions will be presented by expert instructors John Hill and Jim Stafford, and will include hands-on training with an on-site bus and wheelchair. Attendees will receive a certificate for completing the training, and will also be able to take home additional posters, flyers, magnets, and other wheelchair securement materials. Space is limited to the first 20 registrants for each session, so register now by clicking one of the two buttons below:





Wheelchair Safety Posters

Below are templates for wheelchair securement posters, flyers, magnets, and wallet cards. Please feel free to download, print, and display them in your offices or vehicles.